Genuine GM Parts

Preserve the integrity of your vehicle with genuine GM Parts.

Whether you are doing repairs or restoration, your local GM Dealer has the parts specifically designed and engineered to make your vehicle look and feel good.

Performance Parts

Winners like you know what it takes to be a player. That's why you demand nothing but the best and that's where GM Performance Parts come in. Our performance products are factory-developed and engineered, and tested on the world's great racetracks. And because they are GM built, GM Performance Parts are the perfect match for your GM vehicle. Our site does not provide a comprehensive listing of all our performance products. Please contact a GM Canada Dealer for a complete list of all GM Performance Parts.

Get in the winner's circle with GM Performance Parts. From the ZZ572/720R to the ECOTEC Race Engine Block, GM's factory-built technology has turned heads at racetracks around the world. Check out GM Performance Parts for more information about our factory-developed, engineered and tested performance products.

Collision Parts

The best way to ensure a higher resale value and a higher degree of safety after an accident is by restoring your vehicle with genuine GM Collision Parts.

Don't be disappointed -- insist on only genuine GM Collision Parts. They're the same as the parts your car rolled off the new car lot with. So you can be sure you're getting the same quality, reliability and durability as its original equipment. Yet, if you don't ask for GM Collision Parts, you might get stuck with cheap imitations. To learn the advantages of genuine GM Collision Parts and other useful facts, click on the following links:

Vintage Vehicle Services

Restoring your favourite GM vehicle not only requires specialized parts. It also requires specialized knowledge. We can help.

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