Chevy Technology: The Definition of Cutting-Edge


In terms of body style, a Chevy Silverado and a Chevy Cruze near Calgary, AB couldn’t be more different. But what these two Chevy models have in common is cutting-edge technology, a trait possessed by every vehicle in the Chevy lineup. Here’s a snapshot of the brand’s latest technological advancements.

Prevent, protect, respond

The Chevy brand’s safety philosophy revolves around these three words. From a “prevent” point of view, the Chevy brand employs proactive systems like Stabilitrak electronic stability control, a standard feature that provides automatic support in low-traction driving situations. “Protect” involves next-gen technologies that are seldom seen but always present, like state-of-the-art vehicle construction and 360-degree air bags. “Respond” revolves around the Chevy brand’s illustrious OnStar technology, which integrates automatic crash response, GPS tracking technology, and built-in sensors, all for your protection.


Chevy cars were the first to feature a built-in mobile WiFi hotspot with a 4G LTE signal, so it’s no surprise that the brand continues to lead the way regarding in-car connectivity. The connection is powerful and the signal reliable, meaning that everything you want to access on your phone, laptop, or tablet is readily available. Plus, Chevy owners can connect up to seven smart devices in their car, and track data plan usage and other important info with the myChevrolet mobile app.

Smartphone compatibility

Yet another tech area where the Chevy brand is in the vanguard. Android and Apple smartphone users can integrate their phones with their cars in three easy steps, and access numerous phone features directly from the Chevrolet MyLink touchscreen display. Maps, music, messages, phone calls, and your favorite apps, all available through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

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